About Me
Education and Internship in Vienna
Internships in USA, Germany, France and Japan
OB/GYN Clinic Director for Gynaecology and Obstetrics in Germany
Certified gynaecologist and obstetrician & attending doctor in Viennese private clinics and hospitals since 1983.

The main goal of my medical activities has always been to accompany the patient through all aspects of the female life cycle. Whether to assist in fertility, pregnancy, birth, surgical, hormonal thearapy issues or even to advise in the everyday gynaecological issues faced by women, I am personally available to attend to my patient's needs and concerns.

My more than 25 years of active professional experience in hospitals has provided me with the opportunity to perform a diverse range of successful surgeries and enables me to look back on a medical career of assisting in more than 8000 births. It is a great pleasure for me to be able to share this acquired experience and expertise and therefore ensure the optimal and personalised care of my patients.
The birth of a child may be the ultimate event in a woman's life. It is of utmost importance that the birth itself is a wonderful and unforgetable experience. In order to achieve this very important goal, it is imperative that a healthy child arrives in the world in the most pleasant and relaxed atmosphere possible. A pregnancy free of complication and the on-going supervisionsion during each and every stage of the pregnancy builds the basis for a healthy baby.

I accompany the expectant mother through every stage of pregnancy, from the initial pregnancy test to the delivery. My patients give birth in the Rudolfinerhaus, a renown private hospital in Vienna's 19th district www.rudolfinerhaus.at ). I am reachable 24/7 and can therefore be contacted immediately should difficulty arise. An invaluable advantage for my patient is to be solely in my care from conception to birth. This allows for the integral development of mutual trust imperative in the doctor-patient relationship and leads to the elimination of any fear that may be experienced by the expectant mother.

During the pregnancy, within the framework of the prenatal diagnostic care, the following services are administered:

 Ultrasound
 Nuchal translucency, combined test and amniocentesis
 Morphology (Organ screening)

I encourage my patient to participate in the actual planning of the delivery. Individual wishes, as long as the safety of the baby is not at risk, will be accommodated. A cosy delivery room, as well as diverse birthing enhancement tools (stools, tubs and balls) are available at the Rudolfinerhaus should they be requested.

Should birth contractions become too intense, an anesthisist is on hand to administer an epidural upon patient request.

At Rudolfinerhaus, we strive to bring the baby into the world in the gentlest manner. An episiotomy will only be carried out should need arise. The healthy baby will, of course, be put immediately into the mother's arms. A pediatrician is on hand to ensure the baby's safety should complications develop during or after birth.

Should you decide to have a child, I, along with my team of professionals (midwives, pediatricians and anesthisist), would be delighted to accompany you throughout this new journey of your life.